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Tuesday’s headlines

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More express bus routes considered [ Toronto Star ]
Transit staff mum on job attacks [ Toronto Star ]
Report sinks idea of transit ferry plan [ Toronto Star ]
TTC set to axe high-speed ferry plan [ National Post ]
Riders pile on the beefs [ Toronto Sun ]
Added buses means more legroom [ Toronto Sun ]
Safety checks hurried [ Toronto Sun ]
Cops defend pulling over rusty bus [ Toronto Sun ]
Cops on Red Rocket urged [ Toronto Sun ]

Who would object to wind power? [ Globe and Mail ]
Offshore wind farm stirs up a tempest [ Toronto Star ]
Cheers, jeers greet meeting on possible wind farm [ National Post ]
Bag off, City Hall [ Toronto Sun ]

No shortage of money for some things [ Toronto Star ]
Tome lauds Canada’s architecture [ Toronto Star ]


  1. Hmm the city can spend money on a report looking at ferry service for the TTC while it cannot afford to do one about flooding on Harvie Ave.

  2. What’s annoying is that we have an unused ferry terminal which could be used to ferry people in from Niagara (half the distance by water compared to road distance) to ease demand on the QEW or ferry trucks to the western shore of NY state to ease border lineups.

    Now people will just think ferry=stupid after this and the Rochester blunder.

  3. Re: Trucks on Ferries

    The reason, apparently, why they ferries failed was that they were not allowed to carry trucks due to bureaucratic red tape. The ferry companies were relying on the time savings from these trucks to keep them afloat (pardon the pun). If they could get that sorted out, perhaps it may become viable.

    The other issue was the scheduling of the ferry trips. It favoured those coming from Rochester to Toronto, as it allowed for them to day-trip in Toronto. Meanwhile those coming from Toronto are either left with only an hour or so (not enough time to get into town, do something and then still return in time for the border screening) or are forced to spend the night — perhaps a ploy to drum up additional business in Rochester?

    Strangely, foreign tourists still inquire a ferry across the lake to Niagara or somewhere in upstate New York. There is, I guess, a niche demand for the service. If only it was properly managed.

    Now what if GO offered the service? Additional links from the east are desperately needed. The problem with having to travel around the Lesie St. Spit still needs to be dealt with.