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  1. One item that is not a news article, but that will probably affect a few people on this list, is a TTC agenda item that appears to place new restrictions on non-commercial photography on TTC property and vehicles. Although it will still be permitted, it looks to me like it would require permits and advance notification of transit control.

  2. if it moves at the same speed of light that most advancements do within ttc…don’t worry for 20 years.

  3. Those restrictions are worrying.

    Unlike useful advancements which take 20 years, passing some new restrictions could be done in a couple of minutes at a meeting, and implemented within weeks.

  4. There is only one problem with all this talk of an infrastructure boom. There is a labour shortage in the engineering world. Who is going to do all the work?

  5. It’s all well and good for the TTC to prohibit photography, but with how small and portable cameras are, it’s going to be impossible to enforce.

    Reading the proposal, the stuff they’re talking about is students or other non-professionals doing productions, not one off photography. I think ‘productions’ is the key word in the piece.