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The gh3 team wins competition for June Callwood Park design

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The gh3 design firm, based here in Toronto, has been chosen as the winner of the international design competition for June Callwood Park. Spacing’s Shawn Micallef originally wrote about this competition back in mid-October of 2008.

The gh3 proposal [PDF] for the thin strip of parkland at the base of Fort York physically embodies the legendary June Callwood’s voice — the ground and pathways between the trees and benches are wavelengths, a visual representation of Callwood saying “I believe in kindness.”

The design plan also includes plantings of native Canadian trees and a sampling of the specimens that would have inhabited Lake Ontario’s shoreline at the time the area was settled. The park is divided into six clearings: the Puddle Plaza, the Puzzle Garden, the Maze, the Pink Field, Time Strip Gardens and Ephemeral Pools.

Illustration courtesy gh3



  1. I sincerely believe we need more glowing furniture in our lives

  2. this looks magical! but i hope the reality matches the rendering…

  3. If you haven’t yet, take a look at the PDF. This is fantastic. What a destination… Maybe it calls for a stop on the DRL?