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More reasons why Spacing readers love Toronto


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Spacing asks why people love Toronto from Spacing Magazine on Vimeo.

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Spacing’s fall 2008-winter 2009 issue was our fifth anniversary edition so we threw a rather big party at the Great Hall at Queen West and Dovercourt. During the evening, our readers lined up to have their personal portraits taken by renowned photoblogger Rannie Turingan while others wandered over to the video booth where filmmaker Rose Bianchini asked them what they loved about Toronto.

Your confessions have been made into a 5-minute video. We think its better than Toronto Unlimited’s campaign(s).

The video was filmed, edited and produced by Rose Bianchini. Additional footage by Lisa Santonato and Enzo Mazzulla. 



  1. Excellent – license this to the City of Toronto for their tourism campaigns. Pure gold.

  2. Too bad it was all in the same party… and the sample size and demographics is therefore compromised. I’m sure the opinions/feeling stand fairly similarly for the majority of Toronto dwellers, though.

  3. My heart soars! I’ve long loved Toronto, and more recently Spacing, although I’ve found you guys sure do your fair share of complaining. So it’s sooooo nice to see such a positive take on such a wonderful city. Keep thinking and talking that way and even the staunchliest Let’s Hate Toronto supporter will soften, I’m sure. Congratulations, a job well done!

  4. Tristou: We’re not haters of Toronto, we just love it here so much, we want to make it better. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

    Regarding the video, i liked the one guys answer to loving toronto, the diversity in subway cars. Man.. It’s so true. I love it!

  5. Ha! Very nice, BUT. I’m sorry, Torontonians do *not* know how to dance. Or if they do, they’re exceptionally good at not letting on.

  6. Haha.. you’re right in a way Andrew. Montreal i believe has a more “vibrant” dance scene.

    But that’s not to say Toronto isn’t lacking in the “varied” dance scene department. We’re much more multicultural, when it comes to music styles i believe.