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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


  1. Kyle Rae’s comments in that food cart story are idiotic. He cites the fact that they’re mobile as a reason for pulling the permit, but the whole point is that the permit is only good for a precise space. Just being on wheels doesn’t make them mobile.

  2. Yeah, I’m getting a little tired of Mr. Rae. That hot dog stand is a classic, and the owner shouldn’t be treated that way (good on Howie Moscoe for pointing that out).

  3. In response to the EYE article on Sheppard and Leslie, I hope more people realize the incredible growth that came with that subway line. Developers and ordinary citizens want the speed and convenience of the subway, and it’s allowing for growth to occur in areas which would not have seen it. Ridership has been low, but it’s a small line, and ridership exceeds similar lines in some cities (like Chicago).

    It’s through infrastructure like that that Toronto can prosper in the future. Infrastructure that allows for substantially improved public transit, not minimally improved.