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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


  1. A headline from Sunday’s New York Times:

    36 Hours in Toronto


    – The city must be doing something right, as the old stereotypes are back — clean, polite, plus “trolleys”! Not sure which sidewalk they saw that was quite so “spotless”, but I’ll take it.

    – The article highlights Toronto’s shabby-chic main street architecture — “an almost disheveled mien”. Nice.

    – “Local fashion is disappointing”. Burn.

    – Wow, even the NY Times is slagging 905’ers?

    – “Let the frat boys have College Street.” And then, later, “O.K., College Street is not all bad, especially if you’re single and in your mid-20s to 30s.” Did a certain travel writer pass out drunk on a certain downtown street and now holds a grudge?

    – Slideshow gives a surprise shout-out to the design details at City Hall!

    – RE: Gehry/AGO – “It’s a stunning homecoming for an architect credited with helping other cities flourish, not that Toronto needs a hand.” Another nice compliment.

    – Porter gets top billing!

    – Someone at Yonge + Davisville will be pleased: “the city has an efficient network of streetcars, subways and buses” Yes, there are a million things wrong with the TTC but I guess if the tourists are happy that does count for something.

    On the whole, nice to see the positive press.