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Thursday’s Headlines

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TTC launches card with hologram [Toronto Star]
Cops make TTC ‘safer’ [Toronto Sun]
TTC looks for passing grade [Toronto Sun]
Fraud prompts TTC to redesign Metropass [Globe & Mail]

War on cars won’t stall Miller’s re-election [Toronto Star]
Bike lanes needed on Jarvis, Bloor and beyond [Toronto Sun]
Picking up crumbs on Jarvis [Now Magazine]
New bike lanes approved by city [Toronto Sun]
More bike lanes, but not on Bloor – yet… [National Post]
Time to stop nutty war on cars [Toronto Star]

Mum’s the word at City Hall [Toronto Sun]
The scent of a garbage strike [Globe & Mail]
Toronto sends out the grass police [National Post]
Civic unions turn up heat on city [National Post]
Dispute erupts over parking [Toronto Star]

Is this two-storey car garage an eyesore? [Toronto Star]
Someone should take a brush to Art Gallery of Ontario’s glass [Toronto Star]
Call to remove school-finder website ignored [Toronto Star]
Skydome’s legacy: Not with my money, never again [Globe & Mail]
Toronto’s favourite buildings [Globe & Mail]
Why don’t we have a city museum? [Eye Weekly]
Ossington’s high noon [Now Magazine]

Whimsical wavedeck debuts next week [National Post]
Time for a tunnel to island airport? [Globe & Mail]
Impact of proposal to tear down part of Gardiner to be studied [Globe & Mail]
Thinking small may not be a cure-all [Globe & Mail]



  1. So I’m living in Montreal this month and here’s what’s going on this weekend and most of this week:

    The notices have been up all week about the numberous street closures happening this weekend to support the big event. And we’re not talking crummy little side-streets, major arteries. And in some cases they’re closed for the whole weekend. I wish we were half that ballsy in Toronto.

    But hey…we’re putting an unnecessary, unsegregated bike lane on Jarvis. In your face, Montrealers!!

  2. Josh,
    I absolutely LOVE the Tour de ‘Ile and Tour la Nuit in Montreal. I’ve done those rides three times, and hope to do more of them. Unfortunately, not this year.

    The rides are infinitely more exciting than the boring highway scenery of the Ride For Heart in Toronto, especially since they change the route every year. And the residents along the routes are always out cheering the rides on, turning the whole route into a carnival atmosphere. Awesome awesome awesome. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

  3. Re: “Skydome’s legacy: Not with my money, never again”, the writer seems to focus too much on the balance sheet of the Skydome rather than the overall urban impact. How many cities before 1991 had postwar 50,000 seat stadiums smack dab in the middle of their downtowns? Within spitting distance of their main train station and office towers? Close to zero. Skydome was not the architectural/style trendsetter that Camden Yards was, but more than any other recent stadium it showed that you could indeed plunk a big stadium downtown, that fans would park in the office building garages nearby, and that the approaches to the stadium could be lined with shops, bars, and regular urban streets rather than parking lots. If the Skydome had been built efficiently with private funds, it probably would have ended up somewhere north of Steeles and we would have had the sprawl associated with most major stadiums. The Ottawa Senators’ arena might have been a better example of limited public funding, but I’ll take downtown Toronto over some godforsaken highway interchange in Kanata any day. As an overall urban development, Skydome was a bargain.