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Events Guide: People in Motion 2009 displays LRV renderings

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WHAT: TTC Exhibit at People in Motion 2009
WHEN: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 10 AM – 5PM
WHERE: The Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place
WEBSITE: People in Motion

The Toronto Transit Commission will be displaying large renderings of their new low floor Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) as part of People in Motion 2009, Canada’s largest exhibition for people with disabilities.

The new LRVs are low floor with 62 fixed passenger seats, 4 flip-down seats at the wheelchair locations and a passenger capacity of 260.  The LRVs also feature two allocated wheelchair areas with a dedicated button to request ramp deployment and operator assistance, as well as a fully automatic ramp for wheelchair accessibility.

The TTC will be one of more than 110 exhibits at the 2009 People in Motion show.

Photo from Bombardier



  1. I can’t make it, but I’m really hoping that the TTC doesn’t go with the generic silver or white with red stripe paint scheme seen in previous renderings.

  2. Umm, is there a palm tree in the rendering? I hope that by the time we see those on the street, it won’t be warm enough yet to have tropical vegetation.

  3. They didn’t know if the streetcar or LRV models the TTC may be getting would be the current Flexity model or the new Flexity 2 model (being shown in Vienna at the UITP World Congress).

  4. I am awaiting electronic copies of the renderings from the TTC and will post them on my site when I get them.

  5. That’s a long streetcar… I forsee longer wait times. I know that streetcars are run properly in Europe, but this is Toronto: give me buses that actually arrive something soon enough so I am not better off walking, or giving up on the TTC and getting a car again.

  6. To be accurate, the TTC renderings will have to show really narrow sidewalks devoid of trees, potholes all over the streets, and masses of overhead wires and transformers the size of garbage cans, perched on frontier-town wooden poles. Why do so few people in this city care about how butt-ugly the place is? Why do people in so many foreign cities care about making their cities beautiful?

  7. For starters, because “urban design” is seen as a wasteful frill, something for those artsy Queen West types. Just look at Yonge Street between the 401 and Steeles. The “heart” of North York.

  8. The frontier-town leaning cedar poles ARE Toronto. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re part of OUR cityscape. Sure, let’s get rid of them and beautify the city so it looks bland and boring like those other “beautiful” cities we feel we have to imitate to give us some sense of self-worth. Just like those butt-ugly new garbage cans. They look REALLY attractive after they’ve been graffittied.

  9. These new LRV designs look similar to the ‘trams’ in Melbourne. They are extremely quiet and are a smooth ride.