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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


  1. Funny that Toronto doesn’t have a city museum. Montreal has at least three:
    1) Pointe-à -Callià¨re – an A-list museum with kick-ass exhibits
    2) Centre d’histoire de Montréal – a small city-run museum in a old firehouse
    3) à‰comusée du fier monde – a small neighbourhood-centric museum focused on the history of the working class and industry, in a converted public pool.

  2. I think yesterday’s GO Transit announcement is a worthy headline also. Turning GO into more than just a rush-hour train system is an important component to giving people a rail alternative to driving, wherever and whenever they are going. It’s also a huge plus for tourists who come to Toronto as much to see Niagara Falls as anything in the city proper (like it or not, this is still the city’s #1 attraction). Now they can hop on a train rather than a bus, or have to rent a car, yielding a far more sophisticated image for the city.

  3. Actually, Michelle, Toronto has many city museums like Spadina House, Colborne Lodge, etc. There just isn’t one prominent, overarching museum covering the city. There should be. Perhaps at the Canada Malting Plant.

  4. The cynic in me says that Montreal has three city museums for the same reason as always – pandering to Quebec.

    It has long irritated me that if you go to Parks Canada and search for National Historic Sites that are Administered by Parks Canada there are precisely none in Toronto. Not one. There are 37 in Ontario, and four in Montreal alone. Why does the City of Toronto have to pay for Fort York, for instance, while similar sites elsewhere in the country receive the funding and the publicity that Parks Canada can bring. Perhaps we should “upload” Fort York to the Feds, and use the funds for a city museum.

  5. Jake,

    I thought we had the conversation already.
    Where is Sue-Anne Levy article on poor treatment of street vendors?
    Surely that qualifies as part of the urban landscape?
    Another one of your simple oversights or pure and simple censorship against a critic of the Mayor?

  6. ^The internet can produce so many anonymous McD’s who complain and complain, anonymously. (always, always, always anonymous)

    I’ve linked to all kinds of unsympathetic-to-Miller stories from here. Get a grip.

  7. Mark,

    Glad to meet you any time anywhere.
    I’ve been known as McD since a child.
    Personal insults should not be part of the discussion when you do not address the issue.
    Sounds like you support Libel Chill as well??
    That is the issue, talk about it!!
    By the way, I have agreat grip.