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Friday’s Headlines

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Fur flies over Bluffers Park cat colony [Toronto Star]
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Food banks in GTA rise past 1 million [Globe & Mail]
Don’t devalue citizenship [Globe & Mail]
Toronto sounds pretty good [Toronto Sun]
Pusses to get boot [Toronto Sun]


  1. You know, whatever side of the car/bike debate you are on, most parking spots I ever found when I had a car were not on the main arterials like the Danforth. Besides needing the data on the percentages of people using subways, foot, car and bike, we ought to know what percentage of total neighbourhood parking is lost by taking away one or two curb lanes of parking. I don’t believe it is much more than 10%. If we are preserving 10% of our parking for a minority of shoppers we have the kind of screwed up tunnel vision which will leave us with a city like… Toronto.

  2. jameasmallon,

    I am with you on this one. On-street parking on main artillery is an archaic thing that should be done away with. Getting rid of them and you suddenly find a lot of things are possible, bike lanes, dedicated transit lanes, or wider sidewalk, all without much disruption to car traffic.

  3. And the Danforth is wide.

    A lot of it has wide curb lanes, and a centre lane, making it over 5 lanes wide in many places.

  4. But getting rid of parking on a street like Danforth will not go down well with the vast majority of retailers on the strip, and like it or not, you’ll need their support. East of Jones, the street is wide enough to accomodate segregated bike lanes along the curbs, plus four car lanes (the two inside lanes would be for parking during off-peak hours, and would also act as a nice buffer for the bike lanes). West of Jones would be more of a challenge, but they should start on the strech from Jones to VP. I’m convinced usage on such a bike lane would be very high, and its success would make bike lanes west of Jones happen by sheer demand, even if it means reducing street parking along that stretch, and over into Bloor.

  5. While I am usually leaning toward the left, I am so fed up with the union of the city. Why is that they can hold all Torontonians as hostage, and Torontonians have no way to collectively express their feeling? How about a referendum to decide how we want city service delivered?

  6. There is nothing progressive about shutting down subsidized daycare centres. These centres are used by parents who do not have half the benefits city employees have.