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STREET SCENE: Bathurst and Fleet

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A streetcar turns around War of 1812 sculpture by Douglas Coupland at Bathurst and Fleet streets.

Spacing is happy to launch an illustrated series of blog posts by local artist Jerry Waese. Street Scene will appear a few times a week.



  1. Beautiful! I’m looking forward to more of this feature.

  2. hey thanks
    I love drawing this city
    especially the funky bits
    streetcars are always a great backdrop or centre piece

  3. Love your drawing. I’ve passed by the 1812 sculpture and few times and thought it was somewhat interesting. But your picture made me think about it in ways I hadn’t really considered. This site has a lot of interesting commentary and opinion and valuable photojournalism; but it’s nice to have an element that’s purely interpretive and artistic, conveying impressions and meaning without words! (I would have drawn a response if I knew how, and if it was technically possible in the comments box…)

  4. these pen and crayon sketches are a huge relief to me from thinking in words, and a fun exploration of 2 dimensional meaning.
    it is hard to be on one side or another of any line if you have to engage with all of them.

    to draw, just begin, then continue beginning.
    I am not sure if you can put a pic in a comment.