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Wednesday’s Headlines

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Public trashes strike [Toronto Star]
City workers are our neighbours and friends [Toronto Star]
Trash build-up? Could be worse [Toronto Star]
Calm in Etobicoke: One city, two tales [Toronto Star]
For garbage collectors, wages and benefits vary a lot [Toronto Star]
Proudly stopping progress [National Post]
Residents fear parks next for use as garbage dumps [Toronto Sun]
Scoop poop, owners urged [Toronto Sun]
Illegal trash dumpers won’t be tolerated [Globe & Mail]
Garbage strike doesn’t stink for everyone [Globe & Mail]
Strike requires patience [Toronto Star]
What’s at stake in City strike: A CUPE view [Toronto Star]
What’s at stake in City strike: A Councillor’s view [Toronto Star]
A good week to be in Etobicoke [National Post]
Mayor warns city will prosecute ‘illegal dumping’ [National Post]
Centreville Amusement park closes, putting 400 out of work [National Post]
Will Miller seek a court injunction? [Toronto Sun]
Two-hour wait to dump trash [Toronto Sun]
City managers clear illegal trash piles [Toronto Sun]

Riding a bike made of grass [Toronto Star]
Pools’ stay of execution? [Toronto Sun]
City, feds seek answer to streetcars [Toronto Sun]
How Toronto’s streetcar deal can be saved [Toronto Sun]
What high-rise living used to be [Globe & Mail]
Take a tour of your hidden neighbourhood [Globe & Mail]
A green Gardiner makes him blue [Toronto Star]
Dust-up over dirt pile appears to blow over [Toronto Star]


  1. Anyone know if the ferry to the city centre airport is still running? if so, who staffs that one?

  2. Interesting situation,

    City in strike crisis as per numerous articles listed and there are no comments yet over 30 posts about a cylcling article.

    Seems like there is a serious lack of readership engagement in bigger issues as opposed to narrow self interest.

    Are all the Miller supporters who might comment embarassed that he does not come out against the strike and prefer to remain silent in the presence of Miller’s lack of leadership?

  3. @DennisHarvey – the airport ferry is operated by the Port Authority, and is running as far as I know.

  4. McD, maybe it’s a conspiracy as you suggest — or maybe there is nothing to say about the strike that hasn’t been said.

  5. Adam Vaughan’s editorial is pathetic. Pure political verbiage.