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  1. Public makeout spots would be a great Spacing article, or even a whole issue! I remember an impromptu tryst in the ravine behind the Manulife Financial Building at 200 Bloor East, this after getting kicked out of the stairwell of a pub in the Village.

  2. first two words of that Metro headline: terrifying!

  3. The Star’s print edition seemed to be diametrically opposed to reports elsewhere (CityTV, 680 / Global / National Post etc.) — those media outlets were reporting the leaked secondary (and some tertiary) dump sites (“Your neighbourhood is next!!”) whereas the Star this morning stated that only the 19 were planned and made no reference to the secondary / tertiary sites… almost as if they were doing PR and damage control for the city.

    I see now that the Star’s web site has been updated with references to the secondary and tertiary sites, though:

    CityNews has listed the secondary sites, but not the tertiary ones. I wonder if anyone has come across a complete list of the tertiary sites.

  4. You can’t leave this much garbage in the open in a city in the summer without health risks in a few hundred primary, secondary and tertiary sites. What the hell are they thinking? What does it say about our society that the city and the union are willing to ratchet the strike up to a level that needs this many sites, most of them in parks that children should be using during their holidays? I’ll tell you what it says:
    – nobody will speak for the vulnerable: children and the less wealthy need parks
    – parks are not seen as an essential city resource, in our obese nation
    – the city would never go this far with fire or police unions, which not incidentally cost the public orders of magnitude more
    – the union would not continue negotiations but precipitated this strike
    I do not think the union should give up any pay or benefits, because nobody is going to return it to them in good times; however, they could have reduced the sick days, so the city could save face and end this nonsense. ‘A pox on both [their] houses!’ We may all get the pox this summer…

  5. Good on Toronto.
    I reading comments on the strike situation it looks like a good 90% of comments are against CUPE and the Mayor.
    After running a fiscally irresponsible government in good times, reducing City reserves to nothing, adding to debt every year, and relying on Provincial bailouts every year the chickens are coming to rooste and Emperor Miller has no clothes.