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The real Hug Me Tree returns!

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The Hug Me Tree, the infamous tree stump on Queen West at Peter and felled almost one year ago, has returned to it’s original location.

Since Nuit Blanche in 2008, a paper maché version of the tree had occupied the original tree’s place. During that time, the tree was moved to a gallery, and plans were hatched to weather-proof the tree and figure out a system that could keep it in place on the sidewalk. While a network of roots used to keep the tree upright, a metal plate now occupies the base for added balance, sturdiness, and durability. And as some of the images of the new installation show, a few more features have been added to the tree that will allow passers-by to interact with the tree.

There are more photos if you follow the link.

photos by Rennaldo J


One comment

  1. Hello To all who love and have worked for the hug me tree…Having been woorking at the Hot Dog Stand on the day the forestry dept. cut the top of the tree.. and having witnessed it’s first painting by a talented lady thge week after, .. she giving it the Hug Me… and in subsequent years The works of other artists and contributors,, and having a complete photo documentary of all of its incarnations… from the un painted to to last and now current restoration,,… TThanks to Elixsor and his friends for this one… and to the Rom.. and to the City for (in this instance ) preserving something wortghwhile which has literaly given great Joy to folks from all over the world…

    You can write to me at if you would like to view the photos.. would be a pleasure to share them

    Best to all