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Livable Streets Initiative takes environmental education to the streets

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A few weeks ago I came across this video by the Livable Streets Initiative, “an online community for people working to create sustainable cities through sensible urban planning, design, and transportation policy.”

One of the organization’s projects transforms public spaces into classrooms for kids, using place-based activities to get them to research and think critically about urban issues. The video above shows students interviewing pedestrians about car traffic, making photo journals of litter on the streets, and analyzing air quality.

Just like the School Edition of Jane’s Walk, this seems like a great project connecting urban livability issues to environmental ones. So much place-based environmental education happens in national parks and “natural” environments, so it’s great to see an initiative that uses the built environment as a way of getting kids to think differently about cities.


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  1. Good initiative by young people in order to help them shape their hopes and direction that they would like to take all sections of their communty in the future.