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Friday’s headlines

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Twisters carve huge swath [ Toronto Star ]
Tornadoes touch down in Ontario [ Globe & Mail ]
Massive cleanup begins in storms wake [ Globe & Mail ]
Vaughan declares state of emergency — as many as 120 homes damaged [ National Post ]
Storm leaves behind devastation [ National Post ]
Toronto tweets the storm [ National Post ]
Residents without power [ Metro ]

Roncesvalles gets a remake [ Toronto Star ]
Goodbye borscht, hello baguettes [ Toronto Star ]
Jarvis St. re-opened [ Toronto Sun ]
Coming soon to a taxi near you [ Globe & Mail ]

TTC to study downtown relief line [ National Post ]
TTC’s public washrooms to get $6.2M facelift [ National Post ]
‘Mixed-use’ condo to replace 1 Bloor project [ Globe & Mail ]
Strike rebate cheque not a sure thing [ Toronto Star ]
10 finalists vie for Toronto anthem at CNE [ Toronto Star ]
Taxpayers to get repair bill [ Toronto Star ]
Buttonville prepares for closure [ National Post ]
Canada set for litter blitz [ Toronto Sun ]
Tucked amongst the chaos lies our Humber Bay [ Metro ]


  1. Great Gulf Homes sounds classy! I especially love that on their website they say a “great neighbourhoods start with a great piece of land” and then they show a picture of land with nothing but trees.

  2. the Toronto Star loves using the phrase “carving a huge swath” every couple of months or so. There is a little Di Manno in every one of them.

  3. How appropriate that the headline about the downtown relief line is right above the one about giving the washrooms a facelift!