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Tuesday’s headlines

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Video and links [ Globe & Mail ]
Ex-Ontario AG Bryant arrested [ Toronto Star ]
Michael Bryant profile [ National Post ]
Bryant is custody [ National Post ]
Charges pending against Bryant [ Toronto Star ]

• Pan AM VIPs ride GO, while 1,600 fume [ Toronto Star ]
• Pile of rails keeps traffic lane tied up [ Toronto Star ]
• Riding the rails to government [ Globe & Mail ]
• Vancouver beat us to an airport rail link [ National Post ]

Island airport tunnel challenged [ Toronto Star ]
Toronto scraps museum project, plans to raze site instead [ Globe & Mail ]
A La Cart criticism doesn’t cut the mustard [ Toronto Sun ]
Signs ‘not our style’, Toronto Party says [ Toronto Sun ]
All is not well in the realm of King David [ Toronto Sun ]


  1. I think the Pan Am games are a boondoggle, but the coverage of the GO train is a little misleading. Passengers made it to Union Station two minutes later, and the delegate train was heading in the opposite direction towards Hamilton. The train in question is a short-haul train that pops in from Port Credit – the first stop outside the City of Toronto – into the city.

    That said, it’s still ridiculous.

  2. Vancouver beat Toronto… and all they had to do was get the Olympics to do it. Why didn’t Toronto think of that? Silly Toronto.

  3. I can only hope that the Bryant incident won’t be abused by either side of the (IMHO) phony “war on the car”; however, I guess there’s not much to say until more facts come to light.

  4. It was once said that the Toronto Star would cover how the Apocalypse was affecting traffic on the DVP. I think the Pan Am/GO Transit proves that theory pretty definitively.

  5. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if this is part of a “war on the car,” well, then, the car won. I don’t think that particular phrase will come up.

  6. Maybe I misread, but is it possible that the Canada Malting Co. silos will be razed because the city’s chief corporate office recommends that it should? Ridiculous.

  7. “Maybe I misread, but is it possible that the Canada Malting Co. silos will be razed because the city’s chief corporate office recommends that it should?”

    According to the article the idea has to be approved by executive committee and then, presumably, by council.

  8. It also should be noted that a lot of folks in the architectural heritage world recognized that the quality of the silos were so deteriorated that they were not worth saving.

  9. Asher, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! Thanks!

  10. The silos are rotten and should go. If you go down to Ireland Park and look up you can see all the damage. Silos are a waste of a great site that could be used to put up a good size cultural building and still leave alot of space for a park.
    But please no more condos.

  11. I’m surprised there’s no comments on the link to the “King David” article above. Then again, I’m not surprised…

  12. V v P: I don’t click on links that go to the Toronto Sun.

  13. Brad J: God forbid! What was I thinking?! Thanks for setting me straight…