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Wednesday’s headlines

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ONLINE DISCUSSION on safe cycling in the city with Matthew Blackett @ 11AM [ Globe & Mail ]
We need to share the road [ Toronto Star ]
• Streets don’t have to be a battleground [ Toronto Star ]
• Bryant’s story shocking, sobering — far too common [ Globe & Mail ]
• Three cyclists hurt in crashes [ Toronto Star ]
• Couriers share their ‘mutual hardships’ [ Toronto Star ]
• More cyclist blood shed on Bloor St. [ National Post ]
• Two cyclists injured in separate serious accidents [ Globe & Mail ]
• Cyclists shut down Bloor [ Toronto Sun ]
•  Toronto mayor refuses comment on Bryant [ CBC ]

Michael Bryant’s deadly duel [ Toronto Star ]
Showman Michael Bryant’s rose rapidly [ Toronto Star ]
Bike courier ‘troubled spirit’ who battled his addictions [ Toronto Star ]
Lawyers abuzz over Bryant case [ Toronto Star ]
Friends, ex-collegues stunned by news [ Toronto Star ]
Clouds hover over Miller’s star recruit [ Toronto Star ]
Cyclists mourn ‘good man’ [ Toronto Star ]
A cyclist dead, a political star tarnished [ Globe & Mail ]
• The shock is universal [ Globe & Mail ]
Friends, colleagues remember the fallen [ National Post ]
Dispute leads to death [ Toronto Sun ]
Death ‘very tragic’ [ Toronto Sun ]
Bryant urged to step down [ Metro ]

Porter Air evicted from shuttle site in rent dispute [ National Post ]
City spends $355K on compost ads [ National Post ]
Fall fed vote could threaten T.O. projects [ Toronto Sun ]
Be afraid of the urban chicken [ Toronto Sun ]
Sunken patch in sidewalk could use some smoothing [ Toronto Star ]
Passengers flee burning TTC bus [ Toronto Star ]


  1. Notice all the media outlets are running the “drunken courier” angle.
    But no one is reporting if Bryant had any drinks during his dinner? Was a road side test conducted?

  2. It is really comforting to see vividly how much respect our attorney general has toward human life, eh? We can all rest for sure that the justice of our society is in good hand. Sigh,

  3. Dave, if he had not had any drink, it will only make his act more hideous. Making such a move with a clear mind is nothing short of cold-blooded murder.

  4. This story is not about cycling, its about drunken violence. Drinking and biking, a story nobody ever talks about.

    On another topic somebody bemoaned here way back that security cameras don’t do anything. I wonder if capturing a guy that torched a 750,000 public bus counts. I wonder if those cameras on Bloor will help us understand what happened the other night counts.