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Friday’s headlines

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Sparks fly over late landings [ Toronto Star ]
Bryant’s legal to to investigate fatal crash [ Toronto Star ]
• Billy Bishop moniker fuels airport controversy [ Toronto Star ]
• Island airport no longer fits in [ Toronto Star ]
• Billy Bishop’s son on board with airport renaming [ Globe & Mail ]
• Can Ontario handle two Billy Bishop airports? [ National Post ]
• Matt Gurney on renaming the island airport: Take that, Mayor Miller [ National Post ]
• Port authority meeting revs up [ Toronto Sun ]
• One Billy Bishop airport is enough, Toronto! [ Toronto Sun ]

• A ‘living street’ isn’t dominated by cars [ Toronto Star ]
Cyclists entitled to whole lane, bicycle cop says [ Toronto Star ]
Cyclists, motorists look for mutual respect [ Toronto Star ]
Bike documentary VIDEO [ Globe & Mail ]
• Impaired and rolling on two wheels [ Globe & Mail ]
• Wake up, cyclists: Canada is no bike-lane utopia [ Globe & Mail ]
• A commuter’s view VIDEO [ Globe & Mail ]
• In their conflict with cyclists, motorists have to give [ National Post ]
• Bryant crash not cyclists vs. cars [ Toronto Sun ]
• Statistics help explain cyclists’ anger [ Metro ]
• Coming soon: a bicycle crackdown [ Toronto Sun ]
• No rules bar drunk cycling [ Toronto Sun ]

• Bryant hires high-profile attorney [ National Post ]
Michael Bryant: The story none of us can stop talking about [ Globe & Mail ]
Crown faces challenge in giving former A-G a fair trial [ Globe & Mail ]
In defence of Michael Bryant [ Globe & Mail ]
• B.C.’s Peck picked to prosecute Bryant [ Toronto Sun ]

It’s beautiful — but dangerous [ Toronto Sun ]
Cameras worth the cost: TTC [ Toronto Sun ]
Urban farmers for hire [ Toronto Star ]


  1. Re: “It’s beautiful — but dangerous”

    Couldn’t we all see this coming? While I’m sorry the guy got injured, I hope his suit is unsuccessful. It’s because of people like this that nothing extraordinary gets built here anymore.

    I think of what I would do in the same situation– a lawsuit would not be my first course of action. I would feel more personal responsibility for my injury.

  2. Agreed.

    The Simcoe wavedeck offers several routes ranging from kid’s-playground-worthy to virtually flat.

    This guy picked a more extreme route, saw the warnings, and still failed to take the appropriate care.

    Sorry you hurt yourself buddy, but we’re not all going to live in a Nerf city because of it.

  3. “Today I agree completely with Diane.”

    A sure sign that the End is Near.