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Interview with filmmaker and artist, Mark Lewis

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Mark Lewis’ Cold Morning trilogy is a film installation that focuses on urban spaces and architecture in Toronto. The trilogy was featured at the Venice Biennale and is now showing at TIFF.

There’s an interview with Mark Lewis over at the NFB blog about this installation. Here’s an excerpt:

Julie Matlin: In contrast with a lot of your work the film, Nathan Phillips Square features two actors. What made you decide to use actors for this film?

Mark Lewis: I’ve used actors before, but there were two things about this project that called for actors. I’ve always wanted to make a film on that ice rink [in Toronto]. I’m attached to it. I skated there as a kid, and when I come back here in the winter, I make a point of skating there. It’s the optimal pleasure of skating outside, the sky above you, surrounded by the dense urban structure… it feels pretty special. As you glide and skate underneath those arches, one of the strongest feelings I remember is the sense of looking up and experiencing the continual changing and transformation of architectural forms… the circular lines of the curves of the arches against the vertical lines of the buildings beyond them. It’s almost like being on a dolly. And I’ve always wanted to shoot a romantic scene, too, so I thought to combine these two [wishes].

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