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Metropass Discount Plan still available for $100 per month (but hurry)

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Yes, the TTC fare increase seems like a foregone conclusion. But if you’ve been spending your afternoons lining up repeatedly at collector booths to stock up on tokens, let me suggest an alternative way to save yourself some money: sign up for the Metropass Discount Plan (MDP).

Yesterday, I subscribed for the MDP at the current, pre-increase rate of $100 per month. The caveat was that I had to buy a December Metropass at the MDP office at Davisville station.

Interestingly, this was my second attempt at getting this deal. When I tried it last week, I was told I couldn’t do it because the deadline for starting the MDP in December had passed (on November 5, one day after the fare hike proposal was announced). I was told then that I would be charged whatever the new rate was going to be when my plan kicked in on January 1, 2010.

The truth, in fact, is that when I went back to the MDP office yesterday I was planning an “undercover” operation to expose an unfair business practice on the part of the TTC. How, I wondered, could they get me to sign a contract stating that they’ll deduct an undisclosed sum from my account? What’s more, how could they explain the fact that the MDP section of the TTC’s website still lists the price at $100 per month?

Luckily for everyone, it seems they either realized their mistake in the time between my two visits, or else the agent I spoke with last week was unaware of the policy. What we have, then, is a brief period of cloudiness that benefits the consumer. Oh, and — all things considered — cheap Metropasses.

But when I say “brief,” I mean it. If you want to take advantage of this, you’d better HURRY; they’re deciding on the fare increase today. As soon as it’s approved, you can bet that they’ll put a stop to this practice and start signing people up at the new rate.

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  1. did the same thing yesterday – last week they refused, this week they seem to have had a change of heart. phew!

  2. I don’t understand. If the fare hike is effective Sunday, January 3, 2010 (and everything I have read says it will be), then how can they hike the cost of the January Metropass, which you can start using on January 1, 2010? It’s not like they will accept the December Metropass after December 31. Am I missing something here? Everyone who signs up for the MDP until December 5, 2009 should get the reduced rate, or they are definitely utilizing unfair business practices!

  3. “The TTC is authorized to change the amount of the annualized fee at any time after the anniversary thereof [12 months] and accordingly the monthly installments.”

    So in other words, YOU will get the $100 rate for the next 12 months, but since I have already been part of this plan for a few years, my monthly price will be jacked up.

    That seems fair. Wait, no it doesn’t…

    Oh, TTC. Why are you always screwing me?

  4. Well damn. So it sounds like my Metropass plan, which I’ve been on since 2003, will be hiked up, but yours will be at $100? That really ISN’T fair.

  5. If you are currently on the plan even if you have been on it for years you are locked in at $100 until your anniversary. It is a yearly plan. If at anytime during any year you decide to unsubscribe they will back charge you your discount to the last anniversary unless your cancellation coincides with the anniversary.

  6. How much will the fare increase be for the MDP? I’ve read about ever other fare increase but not for the discount plan. Thanks, Beth

  7. Beth, I’m pretty sure the fare increase is 11% across the board (except for student fares). That means the new MDP price will be $111/month.

    It’s definitely extremely unfair that long-time MDP customers will see their rates go up before me. I was actually on the MDP until September; I didn’t renew because I wanted to try cycling more often, and buying passes or tokens when/if the weather prevented me from getting on my bike. But when I saw this opportunity to get what will soon be a bargain-basement Metropass, I decided to get back on board. If I really want to start cycling, I figure I can just sell my pass (for $100, of course).

  8. @amm: You may be right. If it’s true that the TTC changed its policy at some point between my two visits (and that the person who denied me a pass the first time wasn’t simply misinformed), then it’s also likely that they’ll continue to abide by consumer best practices. In any case, the MDP is still listed on the TTC’s website at $100/month as of this morning, and it seems to me that they’d have a hard time charging you more than the advertised price — especially because I see nothing on the site that says the rate is “subject to change without notice,” or some such thing.

  9. @ Beth: According to BlogTO, the MDP fare will be going up to $110. (And, as Daley pointed out, if you’re already a subscriber, I believe the $100 rate is locked in until your anniversary).

  10. Just left the MDP office, sign up reading: Effective Immediately the MDP wil be offered at the new rate of $111. They move fast.

  11. yes i am also looking for the new price on the MDP after the fare increase

  12. So the GTA pass will be an even $50 now?