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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Help give us the goods on Toronto

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In each issue of Spacing we have a feature called Public Goods that highlights cool stuff for the discerning urbanist. We’ve showcased items such as Andrew Alfred-Duggan’s MASH MAPs, Yasmine Louis’ skyline-inspired shirts and pillows (pictured above), coffee cup holders for commuting cyclists, and ties that replicate the street grid of specific cities.

We need your help to keep uncovering these gems: let us know if you see any products we could feature in our upcoming issues. Our criteria is simple: it should be Toronto or city-inspired stuff. You can leave a comment or send an email [ ].



  1. How about a new direction: have readers suggest ideas for Toronto-inspired swag that they’d like to see.

  2. I have to get some swag like this. You go into a chain store and too often the shirts have some American place on them. California? No, thank you. (Especially when I’m travelling through Europe.)

    You walk into IKEA and they have big photo prints you can hang on the wall, but they’re only of New York and Paris. Screw that! For me, my great city on my swag, please.

  3. The Coffee cup link sends me to Felt Bicycles. Is that correct?