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SPACING VOTES WEEKLY: Coach Ford, Smitherman walks & a heated TV debate

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Spacing Votes — our dedicated 2010 election blog — will feature regular posts form our contributors that examine campaign promises and platforms that focus on Toronto’s urban landscape. Here’s our round-up of posts from the last seven days.

• Spacing votes takes a closer look at deputy mayor, Joe Pantalone and his transportation platform. A proponent of Transit City, “Mayor Joe” is separating himself from the other candidates in his mission to continue David Miller’s transit plan. Also backing LRT, Pantalone is suggesting Transit City II if put in the mayor’s seat in October.

• It’s always an interesting ride with Rob Ford. After accusations of verbally (and possibly physically) assaulting some athletes as a high school coach, Ford has come under fire once again. With ample contradictory facts and arguments, Mike Radoslav takes a closer look at how the debacle sheds light on Ford’s character—for better or worse. It begs the question: Aggressive on the sports field, aggressive at city hall?

• Although Smitherman hasn’t been as vocal on issues as some would have hoped (or presumed) at this point, Spacing’s Todd Harrison caught up with “Furious George” to talk walking, while walking. On a cross-Toronto walking escapade, Smitherman discusses the walkability of Hogtown, not to mention the various other integral parts of Toronto transportation—including bike lanes and public transit.

• The big election news from the week, though, was the televised CP24 debate. The third in a series, the debate confused many and let most down. It quickly turned into a bickering, high-octane yelling match over each other’s backgrounds and political history. With no clear vision of Toronto argued by any candidate, no issues were thoughtfully or diplomatically approached and discussed. In lieu, tempers flared and interruptions abounded.


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  1. “It begs the question: Aggressive on the sports field, aggressive at city hall?”

    That’s a question worth asking? Isn’t there 10 years of video proving his aggression at city hall?