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SPACING VOTES WEEKLY: Tory, parks, & chicken suits

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Spacing Votes — our dedicated 2010 election blog — will feature regular posts form our contributors that examine campaign promises and platforms that focus on Toronto’s urban landscape. Here’s our round-up of posts from the last seven days.

• So, John Tory is officially out. Even though he was never officially in. With much discussion buzzing around Tory and if he would throw is hat in the ring was garnering much attention on Twitter and social media networks. So much so that Tory officially announced last night that he definitively wasn’t running in the upcoming mayoral race. Finally, something that’s official in this race.

• After recently completing his walk across Hogtown, George Smitherman did a lot of talking. As Smitherman is a proponent of walking and cycling culture in Toronto, Marc Acton Filion takes a closer look at Smitherman’s approach to public parks. Filion argues that for parks to be legitimately taken into consideration for revitalization, however, Toronto is going to have to cut off some cars in doing so. And a good place to start is with showing some love to Queen’s Park.

• As the campaigning and debates continue, so does the tension. Without a clear frontrunner, or any standout platforms thus far in the race, one topic is gaining speed: the growing feud between George Smitherman and Rob Ford. As the leading candidates, talks (or challenges) to a one-on-one debate was brought up, but Ford balked after consideration. This hasn’t stopped the two candidates from making jabs at one another (including a man in a chicken suit showing up at Ford’s events). Mike Radoslav takes a closer look at the tension and where each candidate stands — mainly in clear opposition of each other, on both a personal and professional level.