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Tuesday’s Headlines

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Mayoral Race
• Let voters fire mayor mid-term, Rossi says [ Toronto Star ]
• Heritage grants ‘unfair,’ Rossi says [ Toronto Star ]
• Rossi’s mayoral campaign struggling to get off the boards [ Globe & Mail ]
• Mayoral candidates face off on heritage [ Globe & Mail ]
• Pantalone to police union: don’t endorse me [ National Post ]
• Smitheran promises more protection for Toronto heritage buildings [ National Post ]
• Mayoral candidates debate heritage [ Toronto Sun ]
• Smitherman’s plan to save city’s heritage [ Toronto Sun ]
• Rossi promises voters right to recall [ Toronto Sun ]

• Career college students locked out of TTC post-secondary pass [ Toronto Star ]
• Not so fast on TTC h.q. [ Toronto Star ]

Other news
• Fort York museum $4-million over budget [ Globe & Mail ]
• Porter: Confessions of an ex-warrior cyclist [ Toronto Star ]
• Bedbugs have TIFF theatres on alert [ Toronto Star ]
• Vote for best toilet ends Tuesday [ Toronto Sun ]
• G20 crossbow detainee languishes in jail [ CBC ]
• Smog advisory in effect for Toronto [ CBC ]


  1. If the city of Toronto is already carrying out a feasibility study of turning Old City Hall into a Toronto Museum, wouldn’t it make sense to include a transit museum in this scope, given the proximity to tourists (downtown core) and transit. It’s like the idea that was floated a few years ago to move the Hockey Hall of Fame out to Etobicoke…your attendance would be nothing compared to having it in the core.

  2. The Globe’s article on the NDP’s lack of support for the long gun registry would not normally be considered a municipal issue, but it is relevant in that Toronto City Council last week declared September 15 as “a date of Municipal significance by declaring that day as the National Day in Support of the Long Gun Registry, in conjunction with cities and police boards across Canada.”

    Regardless of what Harper says, this issue is not about the stereotypical street criminal, who admittedly is not likely to register his weapons. According to the RCMP report (see pages 19-20), the real issues are domestic violence, drunken rages and mental illness. Obviously, the presence of guns is extremely relevant to a cop responding to a domestic disturbance call, and plenty of violent crimes are committed by otherwise law-abiding people, who do indeed register their guns. Most violent crimes against women are committed by their domestic partners, not random street thugs. And most murders of women involve guns, and most of those guns are rifles.

    Well done, City Council, for supporting the registry. But councillors also need to put direct pressure on the federal NDP, in whose hands the long gun registry currently rests. The NDP cannot claim to support women’s safety while failing to protect women when they finally get a chance to influence the outcome of something important — just for the sake of rural votes, as if they could take the urban vote for granted.

  3. A Toronto history museum? That’ll be a huge draw! Just have to fill in the blank spaces between 1812 and SARS, SARS and the G 20.

    As far as a transit museum is concerned: ride the TTC! Sixty plus decrepit museums with their mechanical token machines and jingly coin boxes.. they would take transit users from around the world on a trip down memory lane.. if they’re old enough to remember such obsolescence.