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Thursday’s Headlines

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Mayoral Race
• Smitherman, Thomson told to skip labour day parade [ Toronto Star ]
• Open the city’s pools on hot days: Rossi [ Toronto Star ]
• A Rocco and a hard place [ Now Magazine ]
• Understanding ‘suburban fury’ [ Eye Weekly ]

City Hall
• Howard Moscoe: A merry prankster that made a difference [ Globe & Mail ]
• Quips and Quotes: Howard Moscoe’s most memborable lines [ National Post ]
• Terence Corcoran: Miller regime tries to cash in with spending [ National Post ]
• Moscoe highlights scraps with Lastman [ Toronto Sun ]

City Living
• Restaurants face pricey municipal hurdle for backyard patios [ Toronto Star ]
• Hume: Do patio rules make good neighbours? [ Toronto Star ]
• Toronto named one of worst ‘ Speed Trap Cities’ [ Toronto Star ]
• Toronto goes campy to get e-waste to the curb [ Globe & Mail ]
• New bee species discovered in Toronto [ National Post ]
• Laptops and lattes [ Now Magazine ]

Other News
• Coin, crumpled papers found in century-old time capsule [ Toronto Star ]
• Controversial ACC rally fires up teachers. Was it worth it? [ Toronto Star ]
• Ailing Toronto couple loses west-end home in foreclosure [ Toronto Star ]
• Time capsule revealed, but contents remain mysterious [ Globe & Mail ]
• A different election to think about [ National Post ]
• Toronto District School Board’s $120,000 rally called a ‘waste of time” [ National Post ]
• Killer tomatoes [ Now Magazine ]


  1. Re: Speed Traps

    Even though Toronto has the most listed, many of those are duplicates. A pet peeve of mine isn’t speed traps in the GTA, but just how infrequently they’re patrolled. You’re limit down a stretch of road at the artificially low speed limit, with some bonehead riding your bumper, because of the .01% chance that today happens to be the day where they decide to actually patrol it.

    Still, hearing about how devious some of those traps are, I’d vote for someone who would make it illegal for a cop to pull you over for speeding down a hill at anything less than 30-35km/h. Of course, to the pigs screwing someone over because they overestimated their engine brakes while ignoring those who drive recklessly on a regular basis will still make the roads $afer for all…

  2. I don’t think the speed trap study was very professional — just a list of submissions to a web site. Who really knows which city has more speed traps or speed cops…

    In any case, I would judge Toronto roads to be quite slow and safe. Whether or not this is a result of speed traps or a point as to why we have too many, I don’t know. All I can tell you is that whenever traffic is light, people speed in New York on tight streets, outer borough arterials and highways in a manner that would shock Torontonians. A vehicle hitting 50 mph on a Manhattan side street is not unknown, especially at night, and I’ve seen impromptu drag races on highways in broad daylight here where a line of vehicles holds back traffic on all lanes to create clear space then rockets ahead at 85-90 mph. The Manhattan avenues are actually slower and smoother due to the “green wave” that keeps traffic constantly moving at the speed limit (no point speeding when it just earns you a red light as a reward). But you have to keep your wits as a pedestrian, cyclist or driver anywhere else or risk a collision. Toronto streets are far safer.

  3. Re: Pools.
    On the heels of the decision to go ahead with over priced hockey arenas, there is no excuse that the pool is only open for 3 hours per day. To add injury to insult between 4pm and 7pm.
    If money is the issue raise the fees.