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10,000 Pinkos can’t be wrong!


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Merry Christmas, Don Cherry — you’ve made 10,000 Pinkos happy!

Since Mr. Cherry decided to bad-mouth Torontonians who do not share his particular world-view, Spacing has gone on to sell 10,000 Pinko buttons and magnets. We’ve had individual orders from every province in Canada, while 22 stores across Toronto have been placing orders with us day after day. And if you frequent Facebook or Twitter you’ll that hundreds of people have taken our Pinko graphic and used it as an avatar.

PLEASE NOTE: any items purchased from Spacing’s e-store starting today will not arrive in time for Christmas.

With Christmas just a few days away, we encourage you to visit the stores listed below to pick up buttons and magnets.

Swipe Books ( 401 Richmond St. W., 1st floor )
Urbane Cyclist ( 180 John St. )
Blue Banana ( 250 Augusta Ave. )

Outer Layer ( 577 Queen St W. )
Type Books ( 883 Queen St. W. )
Anarres Natural Health ( 12 Ossington Crescent )
Good Catch General Store ( 1556 Queen St. W. )

Outer Layer ( 430 Bloor St W. )
Curbside Cycle ( 412 Bloor St. W. )
Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop ( 517 Bloor St. W. )
Grassroots ( 408 Bloor Street W. )
Book City Annex ( 501 Bloor St. W. )

Red Pegasus ( 628 College St. )

Wise Daughters ( 3079B Dundas St W. )
Sweetpea Blooms ( 163 Roncesvalles Ave. )
She Said Boom ( 393 Roncesvalles Ave. )
Another Story Bookshop ( 315 Roncesvalles Ave )
Book City Bloor West Village ( 2350 Bloor Street W. )

Grassroots ( 372 Danforth Ave. )
Book City Danforth ( 348 Danforth Ave. )
Book City Beaches ( 1950 Queen St. E. )
Ethel — 20th Century Living ( 1091 Queen Street E. )



  1. What! No store in a plaza near Rob Ford’s home on Royal York Road has those Pinko buttons or magnets?

  2. We need distribution outside of TO.  This is not a TO-only issue.  There are a lot of pinkos in the 905 area, both bike-riding and left-wing.  Great job!

  3. I love the pinko buttons!  And to have my say on the whole situation, I made a video incorporating the Christmas season, Don Cherry and his take on pinkos, and voila – a special parody and Christmas message from the pinko hater!

  4. Love the buttons, but was told by Sweet Pete’s staff that they are being sold for $3.60. I find that a little steep.

  5. I want a “Bag-Carrying Pinko” badge.