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  1. I enjoy these photo mashups… but I don’t think the angle is quite right on this one. I think you’ve just matched up the horizon line, and not the actual location of the Royal York, or the angle of Toronto’s streets.

    I believe that’s the bank of commerce building
    to the immediate left of the Royal York in the “before” photo, and the old city hall clock-tower further left.

    But in the “after” photo, the bank of commerce building is beside the new one (gray, between the gold and red towers) and Bay street (the canyon between the towers) would line up to put old City Hall closer to the centre.

    All that said, I don’t know my downtown that well, and could be wrong.

    And I still love this series. Keep it up.

  2. Richard, I think you are correct. The Royal York should be much closer to the RBC building, with the TD towers directly behind them.

    The shoreline is now much further south than when the original picture was taken.
    I also have to say that I enjoy the photo mash-ups.

  3. I wonder about the merits would have been of protecting some sight lines to the Royal York. 

  4. Can you also include a feature which allows a user to sort out the two photos into a side by side of unmashed images?  This is the first time I’ve been to this site, and the first time I have seen this feature, so I am interested, but I don’t think this one comes off that well.

  5. Thank you for putting this information together. I just love it. I’ve always wanted to own a time machine and go back in time. Thanks for being my time machine.

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! The are very much appreciated.

    As for this mix, I knew it looked a little off, left ot the RY but I wanted to capture what the skyline looked like from roughly the same vantage point. The only reference I was able to use was the new addition to the RY sticking out on the new photo. Imagine being able to see Old City Hall from that far out? Anyways, I am gald ya”ll enjoyed this one. Stay tuned….More to come