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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Spacing Saturday: Transportation 2040, New Regionalism and Guerilla Gardening

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Spacing Saturday highlights posts from across Spacing’s blog network in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and the Atlantic region.

Brian Gould takes an in depth look at some of the exciting thinking that is coming out of the public input into Vancouver’s upcoming Transportation 2040 Master Plan.

Jackie Wong takes a look at the origins of Critical Mass and its subsequent spread around the world. As the movement approaches its 20th anniversary its founders have issued a call for submissions towards a book celebrating the milestone.

Noting that cities no longer compete with their suburbs but with city regions around the world, Joel Thibert uses the The Regionalist column to reflect on the need for a new regional perspective that responsibly balances a common interest with effective government.

Alanah Heffez reflects on the immensely successful Spacing Roadshow stop in the city which saw observers spilling out of the building and great presentations about the intricacies of Montreal.

Continuing a series of posts from his European travels, Clive Doucet reflects on the Italian city of Ravenna and contrasts the candidate for European Cultural Capital to Bologna, its gritty neighbour.

Daniel Rotsztain looks at a marvelous plot of guerilla gardening in the Far North End of Halifax and uses it to talk about guerilla gardening as the nexus of do-it-yourself city planning and urban agriculture.

Jessica Lemieux tracks Toronto’s ambitious goal to double its tree canopy in the next 40 years by looking at the challenges and benefits of urban forestry as well as the efforts of local community groups.

In the final installment of David Miller: Transit Mayor, the former mayor talks about his favourite place in Toronto and what it says about the city’s successes and the path it will need to take in the future.

Photograph by: fujitariuji