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Tuesday’s headlines

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• James: mayor’s makeover physical and political [The Star]
• Ford brothers weigh in for the biggest loser [Globe & Mail]
• Waisted effort? [The Grid]
• Mayor Ford urged not to rush public weight-loss campaign [Globe & Mail]
• City’s latest offer panned by CUPE 416 [The Sun]

• Budget battle begins Tuesday [The Sun]
• Liveblog: City council begins final debate on 2012 budget [Torontoist]
• City offers longest-serving workers job security [The Star]
• Toronto targets ‘jobs for life’ in contracts [National Post]
• Councillors of all stripes collaborating to stop cuts [The Star]
• Toronto citizens’ network rallies against budget cuts [The Star]
• Toronto’s problems are bigger than a wage freeze [National Post]
• Residents want surplus used to save library hours: poll [The Sun]
• Surplus to the rescue [NOW]

• York region cancels contract with transit operator hit by strike [The Star]
•  Mississauga on the road to better transit [The Star]

• Ontario government is game to the idea of a Toronto casino [Globe & Mail]
• Proposed 7.4% tax hike leaves Mississauga mayor sounding desperate [The Star]
• At 30, LIFT is a local treasure and a global resource [Globe & Mail]