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Wednesday’s headlines

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• How councillors coalesced to defeat Mayor Rob Ford [The Star]
• James: Ford loses the gamble [The Star]
• 23-21 vote undoes many of Mayor Rob Ford’s cuts [The Star]
• The ‘mushy middle’ toughens up to fight Ford cuts [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto city council reverses $19M of Rob Ford’s cuts [National Post]
• Centrist councillor’s budget proposal a ‘slap to the office of the Mayor,’ says Mammoliti [National Post]
• Ford’s budget fails [NOW]
• Josh Colle’s coming out party [Torontoist]
• Budget 2012: the cuts that were reversed [Torontoist]
• Ford’s budget gets ‘middle’ finger from council [The Sun]
• Toronto council approves property tax increase [The Sun]
• Protesters clash with police at city hall [The Star]
• Four arrested after Toronto budget-cuts protest turns violent [National Post]

• Is privatized transit to blame in York region strike? [The Star]
• Viva drivers vote down latest contract offer [The Star]
• A better way…diagonally? [The Grid]

• Toronto Library Foundation gets $1.5 million gift from private donors [Globe & Mail]


  1. Interesting note in Royson’s article on the budget: if this had been at the federal or provincial level, this would have been a vote of non-confidence and we would be heading into an election.

  2. Unlike at the Premier and Prime Minister, the mayor, being directly elected, has democratic legitimacy on his own and doesn’t rely on the confidence of council to remain in office.