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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Toronto mayor Rob Ford delays vote on sale of TCHC homes [The Star]
• Mayor seeks deferral in social-housing sale [Globe & Mail]
• Newbies bring fresh air and unpredictability to Toronto council [The Star]
• Council’s mushy middle mucking up fiscal sanity [The Sun]
• Councillors warm of perils from European Union trade agreement [The Sun]
• $5 million likely to go to Wheel-Trans, not TTC bus routes [The Star]
• ‘Eating like a rabbit’, Rob Ford loses a quick 10 pounds [The Star]
• Rob, Doug Ford down 19 pounds between them in weight-loss quest [National Post]
• Occupy Toronto abandons plans to contest latest eviction order [National Post]
• Holyday upset over CUPE Local 416’s letter [The Sun]

• TTC may be forced to reverse some cuts [The Sun]
• Support building for a new Eglinton LRT plan [The Star]
• McGuinty-Ford LRT deal destined to collapse under its own weight [The Star] 
• Save money on Eglinton LRT to extend Sheppard subway, TTC chair suggests [National Post]
• TTC chair fires first salvo at Ford’s LRT plan [Globe & Mail]
• TTC chair gives transit advocates hope [NOW]
• Talks continue in York region transit strike [The Star]
• Crammed streetcars, infrequent service doing TTC no favours [National Post]

• Massey hall benefits from developer’s land donation [The Star]
• Hume: heritage is the way of the future [The Star]
• Signs of life in a slab of history [National Post]
• Rob Ford, the Opera: it’s an honour to be spoofed, right? [Globe & Mail]
• What’s the meaning of this? Highrise/One Millionth tower [The Grid]