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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Mayor Rob Ford compares rival councillors to Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin [The Star]
• Rob Ford says five councillors are ‘left of Joe Stalin’ [Globe & Mail]
• Ground shifts at Toronto’s city council as the Ford agenda stalls [Globe & Mail]
• Ford’s executive avoids bold moves on TCHC, Hydro, EMS [The Star]
• Paramedics are an essential service [The Sun]
• Del Grande wants housing money shifted to ‘burbs [The Sun]
• Task force recommends no major changes to arts funding [The Star]
• Mayor Ford hits the track, tries to ditch the snacks [National Post]

• A new Toronto transit proposal delivers more bang for the $8.2 billion buck [The Star]
• Compromise would bring leg of Eglinton LRT back to street level [Globe & Mail]
• Street-level transit plan gains traction [National Post]
• This is no time to get cute on transit [National Post]
• Tentative deal reached in York transit strike [The Star]

• Street art shakes up the AGO [Torontoist]
• The artists’ soup kitchen feeds the body and soul [Torontoist]


  1. I believe we now need buttons that read: “Left of Stalin”

    Pretty, please?

  2. How about a “Two steps left of Joe Stalin” pin?  😀

  3. I third this request! It would go very nicely with my “left wing pinko” button  🙂

  4. Kudos to Karen Stintz for pushing back on Ford’ folly and coming up with a compromise that might actually work out. I’d actually love to see how BRT, which has been quite successful in Ottawa and cities around the world, works on Finch. Having the ROW might also be a nice precursor to LRT eventually, should the ridership justifies it and the economic and political climate becomes more agreeable.