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Monday’s headlines

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• Councillor Mammoliti faces audit of campaign expenses [The Star]
• Hume: Rob Ford’s Toronto can’t keep up [The Star]
• James: Council rookies offer hope for the future [The Star]
• Not much walking at Mayor Rob Ford’s fitness walk [The Star]
• Toronto councillor, staff at odds over city podcasts [National Post]
• Selling TCHC houses won’t raise cash: Vaughan [The Sun]

• No progress in contract talks with Toronto civic workers, union says [The Star]
• CUPE 416’s Mark Ferguson calls Toronto labour talks ‘a union-busting exercise’ [National Post]
• ‘Union busting’ is Ford’s goal: Ferguson [The Sun]
• Could this be reality if there’s a lockout by the City? [National Post]
• Union status quo not an option: Holyday [The Sun]
• Ford plans to provoke strike, union says [NOW]

• York region transit strike over as workers approve deal [The Star]
• Legal opinion on killing Transit City buoys foes of Mayor Rob Ford [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford had no authority to cancel Transit City, lawyers say [The Star]
• Toronto’s Rob Ford “overstepped his authority” in cancelling Transity City: legal opinion [National Post] 
• Far more support for Stintz’s transit plan than Rob Ford’s [The Star] 
• Ford allies in Scarborough support his Eglinton LRT plan [The Sun]
• Burying Eglinton Crosstown would save money, Ford says [NOW]
• Sheppard subway extension in play [The Sun]
• Toronto’s transit planning: no way to run a railway [Globe & Mail]
• TTC takes on Metrolinx over Eglinton line [Globe & Mail]
• Long-running subway car takes final journey [The Star]
• Saying goodbye to the H4 subway cars [Torontoist]
• Separate lanes at last [NOW]

• The widespread presence of coyotes has become one of the most divisive issues in the GTA [The Star]
• Is it lights out for Toronto’s electrical grid? [Globe & Mail]
• One person’s art project is another’s condo sales pitch [National Post]
• Hill not the only thing rising on Toronto waterfront [National Post]
• Historicist: nights out at the Naaz theatre [Torontoist]

One comment

  1. I find Marcus Gee’s piece to be very interesting. He manages to assign all the blame for Toronto’s transit problems to city council, essentially giving a pass to the generations of provincial politicians who have basically taken every opportunity to screw things up.

    It is remarkable that McGuinty has, for the most part, managed to avoid criticism on transit, considering the number of indignities that have occurred under his tenure (the Sorbara subway extension, cutting Transit City’s original funding promise, and signing on to Ford’s illegal MOU among them).