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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Toronto mayor Rob Ford hires George Christopoulos as new press secretary [The Star]
• Mayor’s new press secretary direct from Toronto police [Globe & Mail]
• Del Grande says he made a ‘mischievous’ proposal to rile Toronto council’s left wing [The Star]
• Ford brothers continue shedding weight in public bid to slim down [National Post]
• Facebook ban for city workers stays [The Sun]
• No outside workers lockout this weekend [Globe & Mail]

• Transit City flap raises prickly question: what power does Toronto’s mayor have? [The Star]
• James: Transit circus never leaves town [The Star]
• Karen Stintz’s bold moves on transit draw admirers – and critics [The Star]
• Rob Ford: ‘I did what the taxpayers want’ [The Star]
• Mayor Ford to rebel councillors: voters gave me transit mandate [Globe & Mail]
• Transit woes reveal the limits of mayoral power [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto’s transit battle: compromise possible, Stintz argues, as mayor pushes for underground and opponents push for LRT [National Post]
• Transit City is not dead, lawyers argue [NOW]
• “It doesn’t make sense” – a poem by Rob Ford [The Grid]

• Roof topping: the guerrilla art of photographing cities from atop skyscrapers [The Star]
• New Regent Park building brings sunshine into lives of residents [The Star]
• Mississauga councillors vote themselves a 2% raise [The Star]
• Paint recycler threatens to stop collections at Ontario municipalities [Globe & Mail]
• Citizen group seeks input on a new business model for Riverdale farm [Torontoist]