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Wednesday’s headlines

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• CUPE welcomes some “progress” in talks with city [The Star]
• Union bargaining for Toronto workers reports some movement [Globe & Mail]
• City, union keep talking as deadline looms [The Sun]

• Toronto councillors throw TTC Chair Karen Stintz under the bus [The Star]
• TTC board throws Stintz under the train [NOW]
• Ford attempts coup to stall debate on Transit City [Torontoist]
• Stintz bid for facts on Crosstown line derailed [Globe & Mail]
• TTC chair blindsided by 6-to-3 vote dismissing report [National Post]
• York region transit riders have free service for two months to make up for strike [The Star]
• Fiorito: I don’t care what train I’m on [The Star]
• Family files $4 million lawsuit in TTC bus accident fatality [The Star]
• TTC using $5M awarded by council to beef up Wheel-Trans [National Post]
• Councillor wants to know who paid for Transit City legal opinion [The Sun]
• Metrolinx wants Toronto to make a transit decision [The Sun]

• Hume: one Trump short of a deck [The Star]
• Talking Toronto towers [National Post]
• Pan Am velodrome approved by Milton council [The Star]
• Judge delays decision in Real Jerk property dispute [The Star]