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Thursday’s headlines

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• Integrity commissioner scolds Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford in separate reports [The Star]
• Doug Ford violated code of conduct with ‘intimidating language,’ integrity commissioner says [The Star]
• Doug Ford refuses to reissue apology despite integrity commissioner’s request [Globe & Mail]
• Doug Ford: integrity commissioner’s call for apology a ‘bunch of horse s–‘ [National Post]
• Doug Ford blasts code of conduct violation ruling [The Sun]
• Doug Ford may be forced to apologize to activist [Torontoist]
• The Fords vs. the integrity commissioner [NOW]
• Rob Ford to take a pass on cost-of-living raise [Globe & Mail]
• Council pay raise draws fire [The Sun]
• City offers union workers annual raises, while seeking concessions [The Star]
• Holyday to Ferguson: let’s talk [The Sun]
• How catchphrases took over city hall [The Grid]

• Timeline: how Toronto’s transit mess unfolded [The Star]
• TTC timeline [NOW]
• Mayor Rob Ford goes on the offensive for his transit plan [The Star]
• Ford to Stintz: it’s the subway or the highway [Globe & Mail]
• Doug Ford says TTC needs a shakeup – ‘a complete enema’ [Globe & Mail]
• Checking Rob Ford’s polling: do Scarborough residents want a subway? [The Star]
• Ford makes push for transit below ground in Scarborough [National Post]
• Rob Ford did not have the authority to cancel Transit City, Hazel McCallion says [National Post]
• Mississauga mayor says Ford transit plan can’t come at other cities’ expense [The Star]
• Ford: Eglinton LRT promise sticks [The Sun]
• Thumbs up for Sheppard subway extension: report [The Sun]
• TTC not serving T.O.: Chong [The Sun]
• Adam Giambrone: Picking up the pieces [NOW]
• TTC in tatters [NOW]
• Cost confusion on the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown [Torontoist]

• John Tory to head Ontario Place revitalization [The Star]
• Casino not ruled out as an option to revive Ontario Place [Globe & Mail]
• Much of Ontario Place to close indefinitely; John Tory to lead revitalization charge [National Post]
• Surgery needed for Ontario Place [The Sun]

• The Fixer: ‘cyclists dismount’ signs will soon ride away [The Star]
• Real Jerk wins injunction to delay eviction [The Star]
• Sandra Bussin having a hard time saying goodbye to politics [National Post]
• Derelict Delights: West Toronto railpath buildings [The Grid]