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Friday’s headlines

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• Majority of Toronto residents don’t approve of  ‘jobs for life’ clause: poll [The Sun]
• Toronto labour fight: as lockout date looms, CUPE reports ‘significant progress’ [The Star]

• The state of Toronto transit [The Grid]
• Fact check: Ford on traffic, Forum on subways [The Grid]
• How to pay for the Sheppard subway [The Star]
• James: what transit needs is better politics [The Star]
• Hume: Ford digs himself a hole on Eglinton [The Star]
• Road tolls, parking fees needed to pay for Sheppard subway, Chong report concludes [The Star]
• Transit adviser backtracks on touchy subject of road tolls [Globe & Mail]
• Rob Ford opposes tolls to finance subway [National Post]
• Critics rail on Sheppard subway report [The Sun]
• Toronto falling behind pack in averting bicycle collisions, data reveals [Globe & Mail]
• Use Ontario Place to generate transit funding [The Sun]

• Hazel McCallion: conflict of interest hearing involving Mississauga mayor moves to Brampton [The Star]
• Toronto zoo eager to get Chinese pandas – and will find the cash, vice chair says [The Star]
• Kensington Market stalwart is on the block [Globe & Mail]
• Kensington Market’s pedestrian Sundays to be more frequent [Torontoist]
• Here’s what $1-million will buy you east of the DVP [National Post]