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Monday’s headlines

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• Video: on mayor Rob Ford’s agenda: getting that backyard pile of sand moved [The Star]
• Fiorito: Mayor Rob Ford is Toronto’s Schettino [The Star]
• Mayor scores a big win just when it counts [Globe & Mail]
• Why the man who won by a landslide can’t get a break [Globe & Mail]
• City council to vote pedestrian-only streets [Torontoist]

• Mayor Rob Ford vs. unions: workers relieved as tentative deal reached [The Star]
• Hume: only clear winner in contract settlement is process [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford puts other city unions on notice [The Star]
• Toronto will now struggle to do more with less [The Star]
• Toronto, outside workers strike tentative deal to avoid labour disruption [Globe & Mail]
• Statements from the City of Toronto and CUPE on their tentative deal to avoid a labour disruption [National Post]
• City labour talks “very difficult”: negotiator [The Sun]
• Done deal [NOW]

• TTC chair Karen Stintz moves to bury Mayor Rob Ford’s subway [The Star]
• LRT the way to go on Toronto transit, think tank says [The Star]
• Is a subway twice as fast as light rail? [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford’s transit plan under fire [The Star]
• Stintz leads anti-Ford rebellion over future of transit [Globe & Mail]
• Transit pros support Eglinton subway-surface LRT line [Torontoist]
• Planners, urban designers, academics call for restoring sense to transit planning [Torontoist]

• New kids at the Toronto zoo [National Post]
• Historicist: Post-ing about Toronto [Torontoist]