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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Toronto asks to opt out of Ontario Municipal Board [The Star]
• Cut the waits: the Fords’ weekly weigh-in [The Star]
• Rob and Doug Ford down 5 pounds in their weight-loss challenge [National Post]
• Following in Ford’s footsteps – and counting them [The Grid]
• Bag tax could save trees [The Sun]
• Pay hike debate defeated – for now [The Sun]
• Deal good for taxpayers, not bad for workers: councillors [The Sun]
• Toronto’s deal with union takes ‘handcuffs’ off management: Denzil Minnan-Wong [National Post]
• What’s on city council’s agenda: February 2012 [Torontoist]

• James: get all the experts – our transit future’s on the line [The Star]
• Ford, Stintz gird for battle over transit [Globe & Mail]
• Transit petition to put Ford’s leadership to test [Globe & Mail]
• Metrolinx gives Rob Ford’s transit plan a lift [National Post]
• Karen Stintz discovers following her convictions can lead to trouble [National Post]
• Karen Stintz’s Transit City petition called a ‘coup’ by Giorgio Mammoliti [National Post]
• Turncoat Stintz isn’t listening to Scarborough’s voters [The Sun]
• Toronto taxpayers on the hook for transit delays: Metrolinx president [The Sun]
• Citizen commissioners coming to the TTC [The Sun]
• Ford’s transit plans hijacked [NOW]
• Rebellion at City hall: everything you need to know about city council’s special transit meeting [Torontoist]

• Nine architects share visions for the future of Ontario Place [National Post]
• The Comfort Zone: Toronto’s most notorious after-hours club [The Grid]

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  1. Can Spacing please not support the circus of the Ford brothers’ diet by linking to these non-news articles. Thanks.