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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Council lets Mayor Ford off hook for integrity violation [The Star]
• Hume: killing OMB a risk, but one city must take [The Star]
• Toronto moves toward extracting city from OMB [National Post]
• Rob Ford vs. Thomas Menino? [The Star]
• Councillors delay pay hike [The Sun]
• City ponders expansion of multi-use trail network [The Grid]

• Rush hour parking hogs to face $150 fine [The Star]
• Toronto councillor says province should ignore council if it rejects mayor’s subway plan [The Star]
• Transit planners don’t like each other much [The Star]
• Liberals need not cheer Ford’s transit woes [Globe & Mail]
• Vote over subway called ‘a straight-up fight’ [Globe & Mail]
• Much maligned St. Clair line not so bad after all [Globe & Mail]
• Video: Marcus Gee explains the fight over urban transit [Globe & Mail]
• Comparing Toronto’s transit plans [National Post]
• Toronto council gridlocked on subways [National Post]
• Transit feuding not the better way for Toronto [National Post]
• Stintz takes an unprincipled stand [The Sun]
• Council poised to kill Ford’s transit plan [The Sun]
• Ontario Court of Appeal dismisses class action lawsuit regarding St. Clair transit construction [Torontoist]


  1. Re : Much maligned St. Clair line not so bad after all

    While the article makes notes that ridership has increased on St. Clair 13% since 2005 it fails to mention that TTC ridership has increased by 16.8% during that period. After such a large ‘investment’, the line, which we were told would attract increased ridership, has had below average ridership growth.

  2. I don’t think it’s valid to compare system-wide ridership growth to a single line. The relevant statistic would be ridership on the St. Clair line. But I’m sure you know that, and just wanted an excuse to moan.

  3. Sorry Paul, it is vaild. To do as you suggest and John did, is akin to ignoring inflation.

    BTW if we wnat to play with stats, we could conclude that the LRT has made cycling more dangerous (the same number of injuires with less traffic).

  4. I did some further diging and have to wonder if John has an agenda wrt St. Clair’s LRT. I would like to know where he got the 2005 ridership figures, 24,000. Every source that I could find notes ridership of greater than 31,000. The EA for the LRT reports more than 32,000. Ridership between 1982 and 1984 was north of 40,000.