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Monday’s headlines

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• New city fees shock baseball players [The Star]
• Mark Ferguson: Union sought compromise while city looked for conflict [National Post]
• Outside workers vote Monday on contract [The Sun]
• Doug Ford bound for Queen’s Park? [The Sun]
• Ford’s approval drops after transit defeat [The Star]
• Irrelevant? Not so fast, Mr. Ford [NOW]
• Truth and fiction in Toronto politics [Torontoist]

• Mayor Rob Ford set to compromise on sale of 675 TCHC houses [The Star]
• TCHC tenants victims of repair backlog [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto Mayor reassessing plan to sell off social housing units [Globe & Mail]
• Ford open to suggestions on TCHC home sale [The Sun]

• U of T transit expert Eric Miller insists a city like Toronto must have a full range of transit options [The Star]
• Service cuts on more than 35 TTC bus and streetcar routes take effect [The Star]
• Karen Stintz reveals her master plan: there is none [The Star]
• Mayor Ford is perpetrating a hoax on commuters [Globe & Mail]
• St. Clair Avenue no disaster, councillor asserts [Globe & Mail]
• Newsmaker: Transit talk [National Post]
• After the vote: what does the future hold for council and the TTC? [Torontoist]

• Costs escalate for Vaughan civic centre project [The Star]
• Metcalf Foundation study: working poor numbers way up in Toronto [The Star]
• The poor in Toronto: they’re working but not getting any richer [Globe & Mail]
• What would make Toronto a more desirable tourist destination? [National Post]
• Why Toronto could use a little Seoul [National Post]
• Condo battles can be costly [The Sun]
• The elegant new Sutton Place hotel [Torontoist]
• Historicist: Empire state of mind [Torontoist]