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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Poll position: more residents disapprove than approve of Rob Ford as mayor [Torontoist]
• Ford doesn’t declare conflict, joins in debate over donations by lobbyists [Globe & Mail]
• City refuses to end basement reno nightmare [The Star]
• City workers to get 6% pay hike over four years [The Star]
• Outside workers in Toronto ratify new contract [Globe & Mail]
• Paramedics’ frustration drives rift in outside workers’ union ahead of ratification vote [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto city workers ratify deal despite protest [National Post]

• Doug Ford hatches public campaign to save mayor’s subway plan [Globe & Mail]
• Mayor Ford’s executive pushes ahead with subway expansion dream [The Star]
• Mayor Ford’s sacred cars become his cash cow [Globe & Mail]
• James: Gordon Chong’s subway defence comes too late [The Star]
• U of T transit expert Eric Miller insists a city like Toronto must have a full range of transit options [The Star]
• ‘Save our subways’: Fords hope public will sway transit decision [National Post]
• Ford continues subway fight [The Sun]
• Ford stuck on subways [NOW]
• Showing Rob Ford up in Scarborough [The Grid]
• Why are TTC escalators always out of service? [National Post]

• Valentine’s Day: Toronto residents less likely to Google romantic ideas [The Star]
• Party animals; polar bear cubs at the Toronto zoo [Torontoist]
• Rob Shirkey really, really wants your vote [The Grid]
• Toronto’s seven-course dinner theatre [The Grid]