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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Doug Ford, fellow conservative clash over Build Toronto CEO’s $453,000 salary [The Star]
• Toronto councillors split over casino question [Globe & Mail]
• Ford allies back casino [NOW]
• Vaughan wants casinos banned from Toronto [The Sun]
• Etobicoke councillors’ letter seeks free vote on transit plan [Globe & Mail]
• Stintz could win mayor’s race [The Sun]
• Ford’s approval rating on the rise: poll [The Sun]
• Time to shift gears for Rob Ford [NOW]
• Scarborough cabinet ministers not supporting subways [The Sun]
• City’s executive committee holds onto bag tax [The Sun]
• The end of the Ford era? [The Grid]

• Union’s seniority concession in CUPE 416 deal is unique in Canada [The Star]
• The big wins for CUPE 416 [NOW]
• Paramedics mulling ‘mutiny’ against CUPE over labour deal with the City [National Post]
• Deal with city ‘terrible’ for paramedics [The Sun]

• Toronto LRT transit plan stalling on Queens Quay East [The Star]
• TTC cuts hurt everyone [The Star]
• James: the TTC subway report Mayor Rob Ford doesn’t want you to read [The Star]
• Could the TTC now reject the Presto smart card? [The Star]
• TTC executive apologizes for subway delays [The Star]
• TTC board may get citizen members [National Post]
• Toronto wants subways: poll [The Sun]
• How Rob Ford lost the transit fight [The Grid]

• Portrait of Mayor Rob Ford selling for $5,555.55  (U.S.) on eBay [The Star]
• Stepping up to a new arts activism [Globe & Mail]
• English town has proud tradition of cutting the waist, with annual weigh-ins for mayors, city officials [National Post]

One comment

  1. As gaudy as Las Vegas is, and despite the potential for gambling addiction, it seems a little ridiculous not to have a few casinos in Toronto.

    Las Vegas is actually amazing at placemaking. They have excellent plazas, numerous privately-owned public spaces, interesting and vibrant destinations, everything is very clean and well-maintained on the strip, and even though it is just a cheap copy of other cities, Las Vegas Blvd. manages to have some of the best architecture in America.

    Public space advocates could actually learn a lot from Las Vegas, and we all know where that money comes from: casinos and their hotels.

    I have grown to really admire Adam Vaughan during his time in office, but on nightclubs and casinos he is just plain wrong.