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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Mayor Rob Ford getting bad advice, ally says [The Star]
• Messy political fighting plunges Toronto into chaos [Globe & Mail]
• Political Panel: considering billboards in libraries [National Post]
• Talking about stopping the sale of social housing [Torontoist]

• Mayor Rob Ford down to his last strike in TTC debacle [The Star]
• TTC: Ford loyalists booted; Stintz stays as chair in expanded board [The Star]
• Mayor loses as TTC board restructured [Globe & Mail]
• Rob Ford handed new transit defeat as council votes to stack TTC with light-rail advocates [National Post]
• TTC overhauled against Ford’s wishes [The Sun]
• Clean sweep for Stintz [NOW]
• TTC board tally [NOW]
• Debating the future of the TTC board [Torontoist]

• Between the lines: Deadboy [Torontoist]
• Don’t miss: David Beckham vs. Toronto FC [The Grid]


  1. Anyone know where I can track down who the 29 councillors were who voted for the Stintz motion (i.e. the one that passed 29 to 15)? That’s remarkably close to 30, I’m curious to see who they are.


  2. That Marcus Gee column is a remarkably disingenuous take on the situation at City Hall, and the headline comes close to being a bald-faced lie.

  3. Call me crazy or something, but I am actually wondering, if TTC decides to go ahead with LRT on Sheppard East, and LRT is sufficient in terms of capacity for the existing Sheppard subway line, would it make sense to convert the existing Sheppard subway back into underground LRT? What does it take? Changing the tracks? How much would it cost? Anyway I can see at least two benefits: for the riders, one less switch; for TTC, presumably lower operating cost.

  4. Add a 3rd to the previous post, it will make future extension to Downsview much more attractive as you can just extend the cheaper LRT westward without yet another switch of vehicle.

  5. Richard: Matt Elliott has a listing of the votes:

    YU: the cost to retrofit the Sheppard to LRT cannot happen for the following reasons:
    1. tracks would have to be elevated at all stations due to low floor access on new LRTs.
    2. Tunnels would have to be modified to accomodate height of LRTs (the tunnel boring machine for the Eglinton line has to make a *bigger* tunnel than for subways due to the shape of LRTs
    3. The electrification would have to installed above for LRTs; currently subways get their power from the a line below the vehicle.

  6. Thanks, Matthew. Too bad that train left the station a decade or so ago.