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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Hume: from transit to waterfront, Fords make themselves irrelevant [The Star]
• For Rob Ford, a little too much brotherly love [Globe & Mail]
• Brother blamed for mayor’s TTC loss [The Sun]
• Toronto council still supports Rob Ford: Karen Stintz [National Post]
• City Council is supreme [Torontoist]
• Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti questioned over charity ride email [The Star]
• Sports leagues hit by new City of Toronto fees get some help [The Star]
• TCHC chief declines an interview [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford’s TCHC house sale compromise gets council approval [The Star]
• The community housing makeover [NOW]

• Eglinton LRT first up at new TTC board [The Star]
• Toronto is finally bringing order out of transit chaos [The Star]
• TTC: Tim Hudak urges Dalton McGuinty to overrule Toronto council on subways [The Star]
• Hudak wants to order Toronto to build subways, not streetcars [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto transit mess only getting messier [National Post]
• The Fixer: TTC riders can’t handle screech from grab bars on new Rockets [The Star]

• Muslim cemetery gets approval [The Star]
• Immigrant employment: multi-national employees help Toronto-area companies thrive around the globe [The Star]
• Students paint ceiling of Toronto school in their ‘Michelangelo moment’ [The Star]
• Semi-detached: miss-matched houses show a neighbourhood’s changing ethnic makeup [National Post]
• A Toronto of typography [Torontoist]
• Video: Toronto Cyclists Union [The Grid]