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Thursday’s headlines

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• 20% of Toronto’s garbage recycling winds up in landfill [The Star]
• Proceeds from sale of T.O.’s Yorkville garage going to transit [The Star]
• How Rob Ford can regain his swagger [The Star]
• Rob Ford’s power problem [NOW]
• Responding to critics, Doug Ford rejects charges he’s a liability [Globe & Mail]
• Rob Ford won’t appeal; audit hearing to go ahead in April [Globe & Mail]
• City still on track for library strike [The Sun]
• What did City Council decide this week? [Torontoist]

• TTC chair Karen Stintz, subway booster Gordon Chong to debate subways and LRTs [The Star]
• On Toronto’s transit, no one at Queen’s Park is blameless [Globe & Mail]
• McGuinty hits back in Toronto transit debate [Globe & Mail]
• Tell us, Toronto drivers: What’s your worst commute? [Globe & Mail]
• Mayor wanted Carroll to take over TTC from Stintz [The Sun]
• Karen Stintz, giant killer [NOW]
• Scarborough residents struggle to find common ground on transit plans [Torontoist]
• Tunnel of dreams [The Grid]

• Protesters decry looming closure of Toronto men’s-only shelter, School House [The Star]
• Proposed Pickering airport leaves agricultural future up in the air [Globe & Mail]
• Semi-detached: how a shared parking spot can lead to extreme vexation [National Post]
• What’s too high for High Park? [NOW]
• Premium products reign at the Toronto International Bike Show [Torontoist]
• Behold the St. Clair disaster [Torontoist]
• Towering anxiety [The Grid]