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Friday’s headlines

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• Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford got big ratings when they took over radio show on 1010 [The Star]
• Mayor’s brother Doug Ford the tip of an iceberg [The Star]
• Councillor Ford helps Mayor Ford, says Vaughan [The Sun]
• Doug Ford’s Port Lands dream dies hard [The Star]
• De Baeremaeker tops list of council’s big spenders [The Sun]
• No snow means savings for city [The Sun]
• Toronto inside workers have strike deadline in 17 days [The Star]
• Inside workers start countdown to strike or lockout [Globe & Mail]
• Province grants city no board report with inside workers [The Sun]

• Subway the clear choice at loud Scarborough transit meeting [The Star]
• Karen Stintz jeered at transit meeting with Scarborough residents [National Post]
• LRTs all the way: Stintz [The Sun]
• TTC subway study ran out of money, Gordon Chong and consultants still owed more than $100,000 [The Star]
• Queen’s Park Watch: Hudak gets on the wrong train [Torontoist]
• Prime Minister Stephen Harper expect to announce funds for airport tunnel [The Star]
• Harper’s chance to do Ford a favour [The Sun]

• Toronto to look at expanding outdoor smoking ban now aimed at playgrounds [The Star]
• Toronto condo owners launch class action suit over falling glass [Globe & Mail]
• Mississauga councillors launch ‘tit-for-tat’ audit battle [National Post]
• The many faces of Rob Ford [NOW]
• Navigating Toronto [Torontoist]
• Activist seeks drivers in favour of Jarvis Street bike lanes [Torontoist]