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Monday’s headlines

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• Councillor Doug Ford tangles with verbally abusive bike courier [The Star]
• Mayor Ford still has opportunity to be a hero [National Post]
• Holyday: City needs flexibility with union contracts [The Sun]
• Mayor slammed for ‘wasting tax’ dollars [The Sun]
• Fireworks burn hole in councillor expenses [The Sun]
• Green Soils gets contract to clean up Port Lands excavations [Globe & Mail]

• Union Station construction will slow commuters [The Star]
• The Fixer: cyclists offer thoughtful insight into scourge of derelict bikes [The Star]
• The Scarborough subway Mayor Rob Ford promised to build has gone missing. Well, what did you expect, Toronto? [The Star]
• LRT vs. subway: Ontario minister says Toronto council’s LRT vote will be decider, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper admits he
prefers subways [The Star]
• Harper weighs in on Toronto transit debate: he prefers subways [Globe & Mail]
• Subways or nothing, angry Scarborough residents insist [Torontoist]
• Karen Stintz: what direction next? [Globe & Mail]
• Shelley Carrol comes clean [NOW]
• What’s the city doing about traffic jams? Not much [Globe & Mail]
• Former Metrolinx director Paul Bedford has choice words for board that let him go [National Post]

• Hume: Toronto’s towers and life under the Gardiner [The Star]
• Food cabbie fights food-truck bylaw after being told to close shop [The Star]
• Toronto island airport tunnel will make a good thing even better [Globe & Mail]
• A tale of two theatres: while the Bloor cinema is reborn, nearby Metro theatre languishes [National Post]
• A new name for Toronto’s “south core” [The Grid]