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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Toronto library strike: job security the big issue again [The Star]
• Library strike a messy dilemma for Mayor Rob Ford and negotiators [The Star]
• Fearful librarians and vague officials a recipe for unrest [Globe & Mail]
• Inside workers set to vote on strike mandate [Globe & Mail]
• ‘We want a settlement,’ Mayor Ford says in face of library strike [Globe & Mail]
• Employment security at heart of library labour dispute [National Post]
• Doug Holyday calls on union to ‘show up’ as hundreds of library workers picket at City Hall [National Post]
• Librarians holding Toronto ‘hostage,’ councillor says [The Sun]

• James: finally, subway wisdom from Scarborough [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford should hike taxes for subway, Chong says [The Star]
• Council gets light-rail disasters instead of a subway plan [Globe & Mail]
• On the transit file, it is do or die, says Rob Ford ally Gordon Chong [National Post]
• City council needs to pull back now from rash decision over transit future [National Post]
• Ford allies pushing hard for Sheppard subway [The Sun]
• Karen Stintz: LRT means respect for the taxpayers [The Sun]
• Gordon Chong: Building a subway will avoid future regrets [The Sun]
• Fords fumble over subway taxes [NOW]

• Hume: are Toronto condo towers slums in the making? [The Star]
• What are Toronto’s most overrated and underrated neighbourhoods? [The Grid]
• NDP Candidate Craig Scott wins Toronto-Danforth by-election [Torontoist]


  1. The “Sheppard at Capacity” picture in Councillor Norm Kelly’s anti-LRT flyer looks suspiciously like Yonge street north of Finch.

  2. @Leonard, it looks like there’s a Mississauga bus on the left.